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Commission: Malaysian UTAUloids by Akiraka-chanCommission: ItaPal- Sekai Kaigi ato no NYC de Deto by Akiraka-chanCommission: Chibi Stack by Akiraka-chanCommision: Faroe Islands by Akiraka-chanCommission: The Great Republic of Rough and Ready by Akiraka-chanCommission: Skane by Akiraka-chanCommission: Cyber!2p!America by Akiraka-chanCommission: Chibi Greenland by Akiraka-chan[Commission] Utopia: Land of Hope by Akiraka-chan[Commissions] Onii-San and Republic of Ragusa-San by Akiraka-chan

The Melancholy of Detective London by Akiraka-chanChibi Nordics Capitals by Akiraka-chanYour first waiter from FSC by Akiraka-chanThe most popular waiter from FSC by Akiraka-chanHappy Chinese New Year by Akiraka-chanBlond Waiters from FSC by Akiraka-chan
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[Art Trade] Greenland by Akiraka-chan
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:iconkimi-kitty: Tokyo OC (Full Body)
:iconlovelybrits: ScotEng: Holding hands etc. (Half Body)
:iconaureitygonoph: UTAU, Anta (Chibi)

:iconmoonlightwolf15: (HetaOC, Serenia)
:iconandit97: (Moscow cosplaying Elsa from Frozen)
:iconenderdarkfire: (HetaOC, Phu Quy Island)
:iconbutthea: (Hero!America & Sidekick!Lily)
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Hi there! Welcome to my profile!
Umm I have nothing to say when it comes to this.....
Ok! I'm Malaysian, I have Chinese with a mix of Portuguese from my great grandfather
Well, I'm a little proud to have Portuguese blood since it's near Spain and somehow Italy
(I love Romano from Hetalia, not the cheese!)

非現実少女 is a pen name I made up I guess lol Because I'm not really the materialistic-type (//shot) and loves Anime so much, it's just like...not a normal girl at all xD Nah, just a crazy girl in her melancholy world
(I like to use "Kotone Senmi" though)

Founder of :icon2phetaoni-rpg:
Citizen of Awesome Town (with :icongiro-natsu-4ever:)
One of the owners of Curland (with :iconandit97:)
My Ask Account: :iconask-aph-malaysia:
Plz accounts I made so far: :iconpinkromanosheepplz::iconflavulousplz:

I use iBisPaint on iPad to draw with my finger :la: I used to have a stylus but it was broken, thanks to my pet dog -.-


(I need to finish all the piled Comissions and Requests first but at least art trades and collabs are opened!)


My DA family
:iconcarlatocastellano97: <----My ラブラブ BF <3 :love:
:iconyurimikki: <----my little sister, mentally married to Germany
:iconhikari-hany: <----my little sister, mentally married to Norway
:iconcreampuff-sky: <---- My little sister
:iconi-heartanimeandmusic: <---- My twin sister
:iconyaseko-kurusu:<---- My twin little plant
:iconfrenzydaydreamer11: <----My big sister or My AWESOME duo partner, mentally married to England
:icongiro-natsu-4ever: <---- My crack duo lol
:iconkeengliang:<---- my official cousin, he's new to DeviantART xD

My (imagined) relationships in Art School
(something like that XD)
:iconhimaruyaplz: <---- Sensei
:iconrosel-d: <---- My Senpai (who have noticed me xD)
:iconkaceh-16: <---- My Senpai too xDD
:iconcookiekrio: <---- Senpai too lolololol
:iconfrozen-q: <---- Friends with :iconcookiekrio:
:iconwhite-bears: <---- Friends with me (lol feel so lonely)
:iconyaseko-kurusu: <---- Friends/ Couples xD with :iconwhite-bears:
:iconakiraka-chan: <---- Me, the one and only first grade xD :iconromanosulkplz:
:iconandit97: <---- Really really good friend :la:
:iconclauhatena: <---- Shared the same Senpai (?)


I'm an average artist and a Hetalia songfic/fanfic writer too! My hobby is drawing, singing and reading
Neh, no biggie I'm speechless when I introduced myself XD

I love Hetalia the most!!

Mein Hetalia Top 10 list xD
10):iconsexygermanyplz: (I'm sorry Romano ;A; )

Proud to be Chinese Stamp by Crystal-ArtistProud To Be Asian Stamp by Crystal-ArtistMalaysian Deviant Stamp by DJaimonI love maths by FragileReveriesBaak yun m jii by Danilee3240
Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey

~Language Levels~
China lang4 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designMalay Language level - Beginner by Akiahashi<----Malaysians MUST know this three language
JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-designItalian language level by kailafoxxplz

OTPs: (mostly Hetero)
:iconakiraka-chan: X :iconcarlatocastellano97: (4/3, 1 month anniversary :XD:)
:iconyayaustriaplz: X :iconyayhungaryplz:
:iconyayspainplz: X :iconyaybelgiumplz:
:iconyayjapanplz: X :iconyaytaiwanplz:
:iconask-aph-malaysia: X :iconyayvietnamplz:
Osaka X KL-san (Temporaily don't have plz T_T)
:iconyaseko-kurusu: X :iconwhite-bears:

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I love feedbacks, and I will try to reply them all!

P/S: If you get my attention on you, you probably get a watch from me soon xD

Wow! You're now reading this text! I don't even know people like you will be interested in my so long-ish profile xD

Just doing some research and...

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 2:58 AM

I was doing some research on my APH Malaysia OC since I realized that I messed up his history and relations stuffs :iconfacepalmplz: (Yes, I got seriously confused with our history since it's boring :XD:) so I'm gonna rewrite it by looking at some nice OC examples plus reading the Bad Hetalia OC blog...

and guess what? 

I found that many female Chinese blood-related OCs, like Beijing or something else...they all have something in common...they tied their hair into 2 buns...just like Fem!China...Please, even though it's kinda like a Traditional women hairstyle for Chinese, but can you at least go with something else? For example, My Capitalia Beijing's hairstyle, It looks traditional yet pretty (I don't know what else to say...:XD:)
Image by Akiraka-chan

LOOK! Even :iconandit97:'s Beijing looks nice without the buns! 
[Capitalia] Beijing by AndiT97 

Yes, we love Cheongsam. Though we usually wore it at Chinese New Year in the modern days. 
Chinese really are reckless drivers, watch out xD
Oh and the reasons for Chinese girls to have long hairs, it's because we think hair is also a part of our parents, just like our skin or etc. But nowadays, we don't really acknowledge this tradition anymore and sees it as "Cutting your hair means forgetting the past". Even though I cut my hair whenever I felt like it's too long :XD:

To be exact, I don't really know much about Chinese stereotypes since I'm Chinese but still Malaysian xD Let's come back to my Malaysia OC *cough*

I'm not such a good writer (I can't really express myself with words xD) so I need to look at the other Malaysia OC's profile for more information ;-;
Btw, I found this Hetalia OC - template by :iconnejixkiki:
So let's go give it a try!
Country Information
Official Country Name: Malaysia 
Capital: Kuala Lumpur 
Largest City: Putrajaya 
Languages: Mainly Malaysian, Chinese, English and Tamil; the more common dialects are Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainanese and Fuzhou.

Government: Barisan National? (I don't get this actually) 
Current Leader: The 6th Prime Minister: Najib Tun Razak (We have a king...but he didn't do much xD)

Human Information
Human Name: Malay: Abdul Muhammad (maybe I will make a better name?)
                      Chinese: 陈俊鸿 Tan Jun Hong 
Nickname[s]: Malay, Malaya, Tanah Melayu 
Age Appearance: 18 (Nation Age: 57)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 31st August (IDK if 16th September should be included)

About Them (Needed some work here)
Personality: Competitive around his siblings, Singapore & Indonesia. He's friendly, cheerful and energetic. A constructive and creative country though he's a bit air-headed, takes things not so seriously yet slowly and just goes with the flow. Malaysia maintains his relationships with other countries pretty well but also makes rivals easily, for example: Singapore used to be one of Malaysia but got expelled from the federation 2 years later after heated the ideological conflict. 
Hobbies: Cooking (Delicious foods!!! :la:) Gardening
Vices: ????
Virtues: ???
Likes: Delicious Local Food 
Dislikes: (Hmm...) 
Fears: (hmm...)
Extras: Malaysia is the only country in Southeast Asia who manufactures indigenous designed automobiles

Physical Attributes
Blood Type: O (?) 
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg - 65kg
Body: Well-built 
Hair: A bit messy, black haired with 3 curls (xD)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Mouth: ????????
Accent: Malaysian Accent :XD: 
Outfit (Military): Hetalia OC: Malaysia by Akiraka-chan
Outfit (Casual): (Need some nice drawings xD so maybe later)
Outfit (Other[s]): (Need some nice drawings so maybe later)
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Jewelry: None
Anything on your body that represents something in your country?: No apparently

Family and Foreign Relationships
Ancestor: Malacca Sultanate 
Family: Singapore, Indonesia
Friends: Members of ASEAN and quite many other countries 
Rivals: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei (He's good at making friends yet in making rivals too) 
Pets: None (maybe temporarily) 
Enemies: (Same as Rivals?) 
Potential Love Interest: None
Foreign Relationships: (this journal is too long? XD)

Brief History
Past Caretakers: Malacca Sultanate, Portugal, Netherlands, England and Japan 
History: (kinda long story here, will write it on the description of a current drawing of Malaysia)

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Rin & Len - How To World Domination

Oh well, it's been 2 years I used this username, will somehow miss it though...I just found out that "Akiraka"/"Akiraka-San" have been taken! ahshxbwhs No worries! I still got a plan C xD 

9 deviants said You can still call me Yahiko though :)
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Eeh? •3• boo... Welp, start on it soon~~ =7=
Sun Mar 23, 2014, 7:39 PM
XD sorry, haven't even start on it
Sun Mar 23, 2014, 5:40 PM
How's it going with my request? 3@
Sun Mar 23, 2014, 4:59 PM
Omigod, thanks... just... don't post my picture if you submit it to dA
Thu Mar 20, 2014, 4:40 AM
Nope, you're not :XD: I think you're cute! :la:
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 7:55 AM
Ilook terrible, don't I? *sulk*
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 5:28 AM
Yeah I did :XD:
Wed Mar 19, 2014, 3:07 AM
Tue Mar 18, 2014, 4:45 AM
lol xD Why you "hack" my account? :XD:
Sat Mar 1, 2014, 3:24 AM
Hello xD
Fri Feb 28, 2014, 10:36 PM


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