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June 8


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Okay, so I was thinking about making a huge Collab with all the artist who draws Hetalia! :D (Big Grin) 

The Collab is comes in Video Format, I wanted to make them into something that looks like a Hetalia Anime OP ccc:

Please help spread the news so that more people can participate on it :3

:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: 

I suck at writing stuffs, please forgive me QwQ 


The song will be something cool and awesome, we've agreed on using Negima!? Opening for now though :> 


There's currently no deadline since I will start making the video after I moved this month Meow :3 


You need to draw yourself in Hetalia style :) (Smile) It can be Chibi, half body or full body //suggests Chibi and Full body though 

The poses can be whatever you like or the poses used in the video above :3

To prevent drawings overload :XD: Participants can only submit 1 drawing per person

The drawing must be transparent, if you can't make it transparent, please keep the background blank or you can put your country flag to it :)


You can join if you'd like, just comment down below!

Those who confirmed joining:
:iconcommandocherry: CommandoCherry :bulletgreen:
:iconxxcelestialtigerxx: XxCelestialTigerxX :bulletgreen:
:iconarcel-16: ARCEL-16
:iconhanachii-panda: Hanachii-Panda
:iconchisueo001: Chisueo001
:iconhetalia345: hetalia345 :bulletgreen:
:iconnekomimi5: Nekomimi5 :bulletgreen:
:iconharunaichihara: HarunaIchihara :bulletgreen:
:iconvocaloidfan42: vocaloidfan42
:iconchickadde1: Chickadde1 
:iconflandrensis-of-artic: Flandrensis-of-Artic :bulletgreen:
:iconkitinskey: Kitinskey 
:iconrimamoonblade: RimaMoonBlade :bulletgreen:
:iconxneroxheartxfujoshix: XNeroxHeartxFujoshiX
:iconwinryrockbell14: Winryrockbell14
:iconbluenose15: bluenose15 
:iconitaloamericana: ItaloAmericana :bulletgreen:
:iconmewrose: Mewrose  
:iconmidaruchi: Midaruchi :bulletgreen: 
:iconserenshadenrustiana: SerenShadenRustiana :bulletgreen:
:iconiranni-kainashi: Iranni-Kainashi
:icondeathxmaka1: DeathxMaka1
:iconcutenessmaximized: CutenessMaximized :bulletgreen:
:icontearsdissolved: TearsDissolved :bulletgreen:
:iconsharonmusica: SharonMusica
:iconskoryx: Skoryx :bulletgreen: 
:iconinkdrawndreamer: InkDrawnDreamer
:iconserketstalker: SerketStalker 
:iconmightycape: MightyCape 
:iconxxxmadhatt3r: xxxMadHatt3r :bulletgreen: 
:iconprussian-kiwi: Prussian-Kiwi 
:iconhetaliaragazza: HetaliaRagazza :bulletgreen:
:iconcan-a-da: Can-a-da
:icontheanimeumbreon: TheAnimeUmbreon 
:iconimpfeatherdejudejinx: ImpfeatherDeJudeJinx
:iconworldsmixer: worldsmixer :bulletgreen: 
:iconchocominte: chocominte 
:iconlavapixie: LavaPixie 
:iconmarimariakutsu: marimariakutsu
:iconravenmala: Ravenmala :bulletgreen: 
:iconhetabee: Hetabee :bulletgreen:
:iconwestlywheatly: Westlywheatly :bulletgreen:
:iconliderptea: Liderptea :bulletgreen:
:iconwingsofpotatoes: WingsOfPotatoes 
:icongrim-reaper-san: Grim-Reaper-san
:iconresuleir: Resuleir 
:iconjackieroyal: JackieRoyal (through :iconmaddiespink:)
:iconvenakiki: venakiki 
:iconscorpiokun: ScorpioKun
:iconcupcakeoujo: CupcakeOujo 
:iconsekidoki: sekiDoki
:icongaarasdemonickitty: gaarasdemonickitty :bulletgreen:
:iconmirror-7: MirroR-7 :bulletgreen:
:icona-rtificialheart: A-rtificialHeart 
:icontheawesomeprussia531: TheAwesomePrussia531
:iconlmbrake: lmbrake 
:iconmaker1888: maker1888 
:iconi-am-m-o-i: I-AM-M-O-I
:iconmariajhb: MariaJHB :bulletgreen:
:iconchabby-gofu: Chabby-Gofu 
:iconsecrezhiaspring: SecrezhiaSpring
:iconpixelinthesky: PixelInTheSky (through :icontheanimeumbreon:) :bulletgreen: 
:iconstarlywing: starlywing 
:iconlilybunny25: lilybunny25 :bulletgreen: 
:iconchikukitty: chikukitty :bulletgreen:
:iconcreampuff-sky: Creampuff-sky :bulletgreen:
:iconyukicarnation: YukiCarnation
:iconpockylovers27: PockyLovers27
:icondorothybomeraang: DorothyBomeraang
:iconxtickie-tockx: xTickie-Tockx
:iconalseven: AlSeven
:iconikokoromanga: IKokoroManga
:iconcreepypasta54321: Creepypasta54321

.:~So far 34/91~:.

Extra informations:

:iconm-arriott: is doing the editing, anyone can help as well

But I'm much of a perfectionist so I tend to do things myself XD


Can I still join?
There's still no deadline yet so feel free to join :la: I will set up a deadline if I almost finish the stuffs xD

What should we draw?
Basically, YOU in Himaruya's style or more known a Hetalia style :) It doesn't have to be perfect, it will do if you at least tried
Digital or Traditional?
I prefer Digital as it will be much easier for me to edit :D Traditional is accepted but in one condition: The paper you'd drawn in should be blank, I meant the ones without lines like a note book. Just. Blank. will do

Like this Submission for Collab by worldsmixer
Either Transparent Background or a background with your country flag :) If you can't export your drawings into a transparent one and you do not want to put your flag, you can leave it blank. It will be much easier for me to edit :D

Anymore questions? Just ask! I won't bite xDDD 

You can see other participants' drawing entries here:…
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PockyLovers27 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My entry! So, SO sorry for how late it is!…
LeoEverfree Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
//I'd like to give it a shot ^^ :iconcreepypasta54321: is my main account though.
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure :) Should I put your main account on the list?
LeoEverfree Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
//Yep ^^
IKokoroManga Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I would have an interest >//>
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You can still join c:
IKokoroManga Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay yay~ what shall I be drawing? //sorry if it was written I haven't remembered and I can't check at the moment// and errr digital or traditional? Sorry >//<
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you shall me drawing yourself in Himaruya-style, it doesn't have to be perfect, just at least you tried and that will be okay

and it is preferred to be Digital, Traditional will be in case you can't draw digitally and the paper you'd drawn traditionally on should be blank //like, without lines or whatever, just blank paper will do// :)
IKokoroManga Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh I see~ Thank you very much... I will try to finish as soon as I can
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck on your drawing :)
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