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June 8


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Okay, so I was thinking about making a huge Collab with all the artist who draws Hetalia! :D (Big Grin) 

The Collab is comes in Video Format, I wanted to make them into something that looks like a Hetalia Anime OP ccc:

Please help spread the news so that more people can participate on it :3

:lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: :lights: 

I suck at writing stuffs, please forgive me QwQ 


The song will be something cool and awesome, we've agreed on using Negima!? Opening for now though :> 


There's currently no deadline since I will start making the video after I moved this month Meow :3 


You need to draw yourself in Hetalia style :) (Smile) It can be Chibi, half body or full body //suggests Chibi and Full body though 

The poses can be whatever you like or the poses used in the video above :3

To prevent drawings overload :XD: Participants can only submit 1 drawing per person

The drawing must be transparent, if you can't make it transparent, please keep the background blank or you can put your country flag to it :)


You can join if you'd like, just comment down below!

Those who confirmed joining:
:iconcommandocherry: CommandoCherry :bulletgreen:
:iconxxcelestialtigerxx: XxCelestialTigerxX :bulletgreen:
:iconarcel-16: ARCEL-16
:iconhanachii-panda: Hanachii-Panda
:iconchisueo001: Chisueo001
:iconhetalia345: hetalia345 :bulletgreen:
:iconnekomimi5: Nekomimi5 :bulletgreen:
:iconharunaichihara: HarunaIchihara :bulletgreen:
:iconvocaloidfan42: vocaloidfan42
:iconchickadde1: Chickadde1 
:iconflandrensis-of-artic: Flandrensis-of-Artic :bulletgreen:
:iconkitinskey: Kitinskey 
:iconrimamoonblade: RimaMoonBlade :bulletgreen:
:iconxneroxheartxfujoshix: XNeroxHeartxFujoshiX
:iconwinryrockbell14: Winryrockbell14
:iconbluenose15: bluenose15 
:iconitaloamericana: ItaloAmericana :bulletgreen:
:iconmewrose: Mewrose  
:iconmidaruchi: Midaruchi :bulletgreen: 
:iconserenshadenrustiana: SerenShadenRustiana :bulletgreen:
:iconiranni-kainashi: Iranni-Kainashi
:icondeathxmaka1: DeathxMaka1
:iconcutenessmaximized: CutenessMaximized :bulletgreen:
:icontearsdissolved: TearsDissolved :bulletgreen:
:iconsharonmusica: SharonMusica
:iconskoryx: Skoryx :bulletgreen: 
:iconinkdrawndreamer: InkDrawnDreamer
:iconserketstalker: SerketStalker 
:iconmightycape: MightyCape 
:iconxxxmadhatt3r: xxxMadHatt3r :bulletgreen: 
:iconprussian-kiwi: Prussian-Kiwi 
:iconhetaliaragazza: HetaliaRagazza :bulletgreen:
:iconhold-my-timmies: hold-my-timmies
:icontheanimeumbreon: TheAnimeUmbreon 
:iconimpfeatherdejudejinx: ImpfeatherDeJudeJinx
:iconworldsmixer: worldsmixer :bulletgreen: 
:iconchocominte: chocominte 
:iconlavapixie: LavaPixie 
:iconmarimariakutsu: marimariakutsu
:iconravenmala: Ravenmala :bulletgreen: 
:iconhetabee: Hetabee :bulletgreen:
:iconwestlywheatly: Westlywheatly :bulletgreen:
:iconliderptea: Liderptea :bulletgreen:
:iconwingsofpotatoes: WingsOfPotatoes 
:icongrim-reaper-san: Grim-Reaper-san
:iconresuleir: Resuleir 
:iconjackieroyal: JackieRoyal (through :iconmaddiespink:)
:iconvenakiki: venakiki 
:iconscorpiokun: ScorpioKun
:iconcupcakeoujo: CupcakeOujo 
:iconsekidoki: sekiDoki
:icongaarasdemonickitty: gaarasdemonickitty :bulletgreen:
:iconmirror-7: MirroR-7 :bulletgreen:
:icona-rtificialheart: A-rtificialHeart 
:icontheawesomeprussia531: TheAwesomePrussia531 :bulletgreen:
:iconlmbrake: lmbrake 
:iconmaker1888: maker1888 
:iconi-am-m-o-i: I-AM-M-O-I
:iconmariajhb: MariaJHB :bulletgreen:
:iconchabby-gofu: Chabby-Gofu 
:iconsecrezhiaspring: SecrezhiaSpring :bulletgreen:
:iconpixelinthesky: PixelInTheSky (through :icontheanimeumbreon:) :bulletgreen: 
:iconstarlywing: starlywing 
:iconlilybunny25: lilybunny25 :bulletgreen: 
:iconchikukitty: chikukitty :bulletgreen:
:iconcreampuff-sky: Creampuff-sky :bulletgreen:
:iconyukicarnation: YukiCarnation
:iconpockylovers27: PockyLovers27 :bulletgreen:
:icondorothybomeraang: DorothyBomeraang
:iconxtickie-tockx: xTickie-Tockx
:iconalseven: AlSeven
:iconkiku-kaze: Kiku-Kaze
:iconcreepypasta54321: Creepypasta54321

.:~So far 37/91~:.

Extra informations:

:iconm-arriott: is doing the editing, anyone can help as well

But I'm much of a perfectionist so I tend to do things myself XD


Can I still join?
There's still no deadline yet so feel free to join :la: I will set up a deadline if I almost finish the stuffs xD

What should we draw?
Basically, YOU in Himaruya's style or more known as Hetalia style :) It doesn't have to be perfect, it will do if you at least tried
Digital or Traditional?
I prefer Digital as it will be much easier for me to edit :D Traditional is accepted but in one condition: The paper you'd drawn in should be blank, I meant the ones without lines like a note book. Just. Blank. will do

Like this Submission for Collab by worldsmixer
Either Transparent Background or a background with your country flag :) If you can't export your drawings into a transparent one and you do not want to put your flag, you can leave it blank. It will be much easier for me to edit :D

Anymore questions? Just ask! I won't bite xDDD 

You can see other participants' drawing entries here:…
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Chabby-Gofu Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Hi, friend!~ :D Sorry if it's late...

Here's my entry:…
SecrezhiaSpring Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Hello! I'm really sorry for the late submission of my entry. SO, here it is! :3
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TheAwesomePrussia531 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
TheAwesomePrussia531 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
imma noob :/ how do i send in mah drawing :)?
PockyLovers27 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My entry! So, SO sorry for how late it is!…
LeoEverfree Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
//I'd like to give it a shot ^^ :iconcreepypasta54321: is my main account though.
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure :) Should I put your main account on the list?
LeoEverfree Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
//Yep ^^
Kiku-Kaze Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I would have an interest >//>
Akiraka-chan Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You can still join c:
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